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Unify All Aspects of Your Utah Law Firm

Legal Practice Management Solution


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Members of Utah State Bar

Built on the most powerful cloud-based solution, Curo365 resides on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform built specifically for law firms and integrates with your existing Microsoft Office 365 applications.

The only singular solution that seamlessly functions together, without relying on multiple disjointed technologies. The Curo365 platform is powered by Microsoft so your law firm can scale and grow into a single practice management solution, without migrating to other platforms.

Common Law Firm Challenges We Resolve

At Risk Technology

Comprehensive Firm Management

Operational Efficiency

Firm Changes

Matter Management


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Manage and Grow Your Utah Law Firm

We Configure Your Curo365 Application to your Specific Needs

We don't present you with an out-of-the-box technology solution; we translate your business needs into an actionable and integrated practice management tool.

We understand your unique law firm challenges

Our experienced and dedicated team works closely with all areas of your firm from finance, human resources, operations, and marketing/business development.

Built On Your Suite of Microsoft Office Products

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Many law firms already utilize the suite of Microsoft Office products to run their daily operations (e.g., Outlook, Teams, Power BI, and Sharepoint). Curo365 users these applications to create a best-in-class Firm Management Solution that reduces training and IT costs associated with using disparate versions of productivity software. Curo365 provides you with the ability to centralize all functions necessary to manage and grow your firm, without having to spend enormous amounts of time implementing and learning different software applications.

The Most Integrated Practice Management Solution

Unify, Integrate, and Scale

Using world-class, cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 solutions, unify and integrate all firm business functions ti increase optimization, decrease costs, and scale to your desired growth. Curo365 will be the last practice management solution you'll ever need because it will scale with the size of your firm.

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Schedule Your Free Technology Analysis

Our experienced team of technology experts has helped many law firms modernize their technology. Our analysis provides recommendations to enhance operational efficiencies, increase billable hours, and maximize your firms profitability.

Curo365 Will Produce:

  • Risk analysis of current technologies

  • Technology vision and gap analysis

  • Recommended digital transformation

We will discuss your current situation and strategize on:

Current Technologies & Goals/Objectives

Current Software Utilization & Adoption

Leveraging your Existing Microsoft Technologies

Technology Analysis
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