Microsoft preferred
legal software.

Native integration of Outlook and Teams

Better Leverage Existing Microsoft Licenses

Built on Microsoft's Cloud for Microsoft 365

Comprehensive Management of Law Firm Operations

Best-In-Class Business Intelligence Reporting via PowerBI

Security, Privacy &
File Management

Residing on the Microsoft Dynamics platform makes Curo365 a “best-in-class” Enterprise Practice Management solution. Curo365 goes beyond traditional legal practice management by unifying features normally found only through the implementation of multiple disjointed technologies.

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I switched to Curo in April 2019 after 15 years with Time Matters. I now have robust support, effective management information, and customizable software, none of which I had before.

David Rotfleisch - Tax Page

Built entirely within the Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite, Curo365 helps law firms:


Make real-time data-driven decisions.


Integrate following lateral hires or mergers.

Receivables Management

Decrease accounts receivable through efficient billing, invoicing, and communication. 


Quickly and strategically deploy resources to enhance client relationships and grow the firm.


Standardize business and practice operations.

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This product has made my job much easier to organize priorities and delegate tasks. After the initial transition confirmations, my everyday tasks have been cut in half. Taking a normally multi-day project and turning it into a few hours in some cases. This is the best product I have worked with and I couldn't be happier with the transition. The Curo team is very responsive and they really want to make your experience with their product pleasant and easy to use.

Cassie R.

Unify Your Law Firm

In conjunction with the utilization of Curo365, Microsoft provides law firms with a single powerful and flexible interface and platform that enables them to manage and refine their business and legal practices. Think of Curo365 as the tortilla wrapped around the amazingly delicious suite of solutions Microsoft already provides to many of the world's top law firms. There is no need to customize Microsoft's best-in-class solutions for law - Curo365 has already done all of that hard work for you, and now you can just enjoy it.

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