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“Pick Me, Pick Me, I’m the best”

There are many legal practice management software companies out there that promise to deliver the best results for a law firm. We don’t want to simply throw out another claim saying “Pick Me, Pick Me, I’m the best”. Rather, we want our technology to prove that we are a leader in our industry and that our software will work for your law firm and help your attorneys and staff be more productive. Our practice management software provides all of the traditional features a law firm would expect, and many others that are more often utilized by large corporations to ensure efficient and understandable operations. Below is an in-depth breakdown on what our solution has to offer.

A digital dashboard is an electronic interface that is used to acquire and consolidate information. It can provide an in-depth look at business operations and real time statistics for business productivity, and it tracks trends and activities of users. The dashboards in Curo365 are designed to sort through the vast amount of information generated by a law firm and allows the users and business administrators to see and understand key information. There are typically two types of dashboards that users of Curo365 utilize to deliver the most essential information; they are matter dashboards and business intelligence dashboards.

Matter dashboards display information from different functional areas to ensure that the legal operations of functioning efficiently. For example, attorneys need to know which client documents are active, what tasks have been completed, and if there are any pending tasks. All of this information can be used for case management, document management, and calendaring. A matter dashboard is highly effective because it is able to take all this information and put it together in a way that the attorney can see what needs to be done and what has been completed.

A business intelligence dashboard is a visual or graphical representation of a law firm’s business data.  These dashboards can display law firm finances, financial information related to any business sector of the law firm, and information related to specific clients or types of cases. Partners in law firms traditionally haven’t taken the time to review business data on a regular basis because it was difficult to obtain and understand; however, with Curo365 a partner can easily review business data at any time, in real time.

Running reports is a crucial function of many businesses, but this is especially true for law firms. Timely and accurate reports are important to ensure optimal performance for a law firm. Reports let the partners know what strategies are working and which ones are not, and then they can make better decisions. Some of the top reports a law firm should be running regularly include case life-cycle, marketing, billing and payment, and individual performance.

Tasking is also important in every attorney’s life. Each case an attorney works on will have a multitude of tasks that need to be completed. Being able to access these items and see the progress on them allows the attorney to be more productive. Having this data all in one place also allows others to view the progress on different cases and be able to quickly view which items have been completed and which items still need attention.

Tracking an attorney’s or paralegal’s time is also crucial for the law firm because that is how most law firms generate revenue. Since attorneys and paralegals often bill by the hour, keeping track of time is a necessary evil. It is important for everyone to be able to record their billable time as soon as possible to ensure the quality of the record, which is what Curo365 enables. Time keeping is made simple and many features of Curo365 ensure that each person is reminded of the many billable items they should be tracking (phone calls, emails, inter-office communications, etc.).

Email is a crucial form of communication for any law firm. Having the ability to track and bill for emails from the email platform is key, and can create significant revenue for a law firm.

Calendaring is also essential for the efficient operation of a law firm, and to avoid attorneys committing malpractice. The calendaring technology should ensure that the calendar is accurate, calendar entries are viewable by all those that need to view them, and changes to an entry are recorded so that the records are perfectly accurate and complete. Microsoft Outlook has done this for decades, and this functionality is part of Curo365.

Invoicing can be a tedious and time consuming process, and unfortunately it is not something that anyone can charge for. However, Curo365 makes

a process that occurs every day and at the end of the billing period invoices can be ready to ship out the door within minutes. Curo365 also sends statements directly to clients to remind them of all amounts owed and how that information was determined.

Every successful business needs to have a good accounting system in place. Somewhere where you can keep track of deposits, payments, costs, billings and any transfers. With Curo365 a law firm is able to enter and track all of its financial and accounting data and then run reports and charts that will display information that allows partners to make good decisions for the business.

As you can see, we have covered all the bases. Curo365 is a legal practice management solution that is ready to handle any situation your law firm may have.

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