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Leverage the Power of Microsoft Dynamics and
Manage your Entire Business on Curo365

Built on Dynamics 365, Curo365 leverages your existing Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Teams and SharePoint to unify client acquisition, matter management, document management, accounting and business intelligence.

Natively works with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Office365
Mobile Friendly
Manage your matters without leaving Outlook or Teams
Business Process Flows
Eliminate data silos and use Power BI for analytics
Microsoft Power Automate for Automation

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I switched after 15 years with Time Matters.

I switched to Curo in April 2019 after 15 years with Time Matters. I now have robust support, effective management information and customizable software, none of which I had before.

David Rotfleisch - Tax Page

I would not hesitate to recommend Curo365

Before choosing Curo365 for my law firm, I thoroughly researched every viable competitor. As Managing Partner, I had my wish-list for a platform, but after substantial research, I was left disappointed and discouraged as I did not think there was a product in the market that would satisfy all of my firm's needs. Some of those needs included (1) a modern, scalable system that would not be quickly outdated by new technologies, (2) an integrated accounting platform, (3) the ability to see and evaluate all of our firm's data individually and collectively, and (4) integration with email and chat. Ultimately, I found Curo365, which checked all these boxes, and more. Built on Dynamics 365 and backed by Microsoft's rapid release of new features, along with the Curo team's release of their own law firm specific features, there was zero risk of the platform becoming outdated. With clean integrations to Microsoft's other products, it met all of our firm's desires for one comprehensive connected platform. These products include Business Central, an enterprise grade accounting platform; Outlook for email, including the ability to track emails to Dynamics by client-matter; Teams for chat, allowing us to coordinate internal firm communications by client matter; and PowerBi for powerful reporting (although we also utilize basic, day-to-day, reporting through Dynamics). The most powerful feature of the platform, and what sets it mostly apart from its competitors, is its ability to be customized to meet any law firm's unique needs. Since joining, I have engaged Curo's team of skilled engineers to add specific functionalities and features to the platform to allow my firm to operate at peak efficiency. These firm efficiencies have allowed me to spend more time focusing on firm growth, and it is no coincidence that our firm has grown by around 25% since joining the platform. I would not hesitate to recommend Curo365 to any law firm that is forward-thinking and believes that technology, along with a skilled technology partner, is necessary for the most efficient and successful operation of a law firm.

Shawn S. Kerendian, Esq.